Through careful placement of line, colour and shape to create compelling compositions, or simply by highlighting unexpectedly interesting views of the apparently mundane, Paul Clifford’s photographs give us new ways of looking at the world around us.

'I want to show the simple and sometimes sublime pleasures that can be had by taking a slower and more considered look at everyday scenery and situations. I hope to create something new that can feel both interesting and beautiful, mysterious and familiar.'

Paul has been taking photographs for as long as he can remember. He began cataloguing his images in 1993 - building a collection that runs into the thousands. The pictures explore a wide range of locations, subjects, ideas and forms, always with a keen sense of composition and feel for colour.

Paul has exhibited his fine art photography at a number of shows. As part of his commercial business at he has created thousands of images and Virtual Tours for the property market in the UK, shot artworks for West End galleries, and photographed for Thomas Cook around the world.

You can keep up with news and see more images at Paul blogs at and posts daily to Instagram @paulcliffordartist.

If you want to learn more, or have any comments or questions, please do email us at

Selected Exhibitions

Viewpoints, Espacio Gallery, London

Catford Arts Trail, London

Small Selection, The Rooftop Collective Edition 5, The Clerkenwell Gallery, London catalogue


Second Reality - Part One,
The Rooftop Collective Edition 4, Goldcrest Film, London catalogue
Dulwich Festival Artists Open House,
A Sweco Selection, Sweco Sundsvall Art Society, Sundsvall, Sweden catalogue

Falling Shadows (expanded), Goldcrest Film, London catalogue
Falling Shadows, The Rooftop Collective Edition 3, Curious Duke Gallery, London catalogue


Frozen in Amsterdam, London Canal Museum catalogue

Photomonth Photofair 2012, London
The Rooftop Collective Edition 2, theprintspace, London catalogue
1morechild’s Notting Hill Party, London
Recent Work, Libertea, London catalogue

Photomonth Photofair 2011, London
Doors and Windows, Voluntary Action Islington, London catalogue
Evening in Venice, London Canal Museum catalogue
The Photography Collective, Rooftop Gallery, London catalogue

Peter Kinley Prize, Bath   |   New Artists, Candid Gallery, London   |   Off Limits, Old Leadworks, Bristol   |   Straight, Bath   |   Art To Go, Bath   |   Well Sprung, Bath

Community / Teaching

June 2016
- Marian Vian Primary School, Kent
'Creative Photography' workshops with Year Six

January 2016
- Marian Vian Primary School, Kent
'Introduction to Photography' workshops and exhibition with Year Six

May 2015 -
Langdon Park School, London
'Photographing your Local Area' workshop with Year Six


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